Testimonial (H&D Service Solutions, Inc.)

December 7th, 2011

H&D Service Solutions, Inc.

Great products!! Our company has been GREEN for over a year now using these products!! Great value! Safe your your family, pets and environment!

Testimonial (Happy Playz)

December 6th, 2011

Happy Playz

Happy Playz only uses EcoConcepts products. They clean amazingly, are good for the environment, are safe around kids, are ph neutral in order not to damage our play structures or toys and most importantly EcoConcepts products are better value than any other product on the market. They are used on buildings such as Trump Towers and the Wynn Hotel in Vegas and just recently began selling to consumers. Using EcoConcepts is a nobrainer.

Welcome to the GreenCleans.com Blog!

November 30th, 2011

GreenCleans.com has created this Blog to hear “your” story!

GreenCleans.com endeavors to help lessen the overall carbon footprint by protecting the surfaces and materials we clean, our land and water table, ourselves and future generations, as well as all other animals and living things with whom we share our world. ┬áThat is “our” story.

We are all neighbors as we share the air we breathe and our actions inevitably have a real impact on us all. ┬áTo this end, we encourage you to read our FAQ section and comment here in the GreenCleans.com Blog about your personal experiences related to the “green” movement and/or “green” cleaning products in particular.

Please share your personal stories and/or thoughts with us as the more we share the more we all can learn and better ourselves and our planet.